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Thursday, 27 November 2014

A Very Cool 12th Birthday Party

As I write this I still cannot believe I now have a 12 year old! A tween! This should be the time where I start seeking advice from parents of children who have made it through these times....cause this party did not feel like what I thought a 12 year old party would be like! Don't get me wrong my daughter and her friends are absolutely adorable and well mannered and behaved. But boy they know how to have a great time!

This was the type of party I wanted to be invited to!
The music selection, made by my daughter was rocking this house and I just wanted to break out some moves and dance with this bunch of party animals.
BUT, yes there is a BUT.
I was warned prior to the party that in no circumstances am I allowed to dance! OMG I am now officially NOT the cool mum I once was.
 How things change so fast.

Any how, if any of you readers have any tips for this uncool mum, I'd love to hear from you...I like to be prepared. 
 So this is what I produced, while fighting against time and Melbourne weather! I ran around like crazy getting everything set up before the guests started arriving.

I snapped these pictures and before you knew it my daughters guests were arriving and so was the storming weather.

I really enjoyed setting up this 3d paper backdrop during the day, its so easy, cheap and very relaxing too!
It poured down, along with thunder and lightning most of the night. There were squeals from the girls, but most of all they all had a ball dancing in the rain and enjoying each others company.

The gorgeous lemon cake was made by the ever gracious and lovely lady from Pops by Eve.
I topped the  cake with yummy baked doughnuts made by the lovely The Dessert Parlour


Our party has been featured over on Oh Its Perfect, please head over and have a look it has oodles of inspiration too!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Concrete Platters

Hey there!
I wanted to show you all a little more detail of the concrete platters I have been making.
You may have seen my last post on the Baby Shower I styled for Sweet magazine.
When I was conceptualizing I imagined some concrete mixed with rustic white timber along with a botanical vibe (if you follow me, you will know I love botanical!)
When I started looking for concrete platters/stands  I simply could not find what I wanted....sure there are lots of little businesses popping up with amazing products, but not what I envisioned.
So, you guessed it! I designed my own.
And I love them!!
And so do others!
So I am selling them through custom orders. If there is enough interest I have plans to add to this small collection...lots of cool ideas so watch this space!
So here are a few detailed pics of how they look.
I think these would be great as a prop in your kitchen...an affordable way to add concrete and be up to date with current trends.
You can use them as I have, they would suit food stylist too!

If you clicked over to my Baby Shower shoot, you would have noticed my large concrete 'B' on the backdrop. I have a lot of people asking if  I were selling these. The answer is YES! Please email me with any questions or custom orders on paperandstyleco@gmail.com
Orders can take up to 2 weeks.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Baby Shower

I am very excited to share with you a shoot I styled for Sweet Magazine edition of 'For the Boys'.
I was asked by the talented Samantha from Dunne with Style to be involved as she was the guest editor for the month.
It was an honour to be asked and I enjoyed every minute planning this shoot and working alongside Lee Bird Photography and Bella Sweets for the desserts.
I wanted to design something a little different for the baby shower invite. My theme was a very loose vintage book/paper theme...very loose meaning when I run with a theme I tend to do it very subtly. I'm not one for overdoing a particular theme...I guess I take inspiration from a theme an put my spin on it!
I made a folded 'book style' invite that was simple and sweet.




The table was set for guests outdoors, with everything they needed.


There was an array of delectable cakes and chocolate mousse pots complete with 'dirt' and leaves (chocolate crumble and mint leaves!)



I made my very own lightweight concrete letter when I founds out how much they were to buy (although it was hard to find anything like this) I love love love how it turned out, and have some interested buyers....stay tuned and keep up to date on Instagram where I update regularly about what I am working on. There may be some more coming soon.

The dining table was set with cute little monogramed apple pies with the letter 'B' for baby.





I also handmade a paper chandelier, which is super easy and looks great. Tutorial is in this issue of Sweet Magazine.



Blueberry Limonata was on the drinks menu, with San Pelligrino sparkling water.



 Thank you so much to Lee from Lee Bird Photography for the wonderful shots and Monaliz from Bella Sweets for the gorgeous desserts.
Concept, Styling and Props by me! Paper and Style Co.